The 9 month journey..

Now, this is the best part, the actual pregnancy.  Maybe for many moms new or experienced this is not a lovely time, but for me it was perfect for the most part.  I was one of those lucky ones who got away with zero morning sickness, it was weird as that was always something people seem to complain about when dealing with pregnancy, but nope I lucked out!  The first trimester went by pretty fast, it was filled with telling everyone and starting to decide what the hell it is you need to buy, which is everything apparently.  The main symptom in my first 3 months was being tired, I could sleep all day everyday if I could, but I was working so that wasn’t an option.  This was also the time where you like to pretend that the little chub you have is magically your baby already showing, but it’s not, it’s just bloat.  My second trimester was the same, still no morning sickness and I did finally start to get my energy back.  This was also the trimester where my heartburn kicked into full gear.  Oh the amount of zantac I went through the next 6 months was amazing, I am pretty sure pregnant people will always make sure that zantac never goes out of business.  This part of your pregnancy is also the one where you find people will look at your now showing baby bump and debate about asking you if you really are pregnant or just keeping quiet.  Now the third trimester is when things start to get a little more serious, you just want to try your best to keep baby in there because you’ve now realized that you don’t have a crib, stroller, mattress, clothes, changing table, or even a name picked out.  In my position we were also looking for a house at the time, so on top of having to buy all the things to prepare for her arrival we also had to actual buy somewhere to bring the baby home to!  Now being 8 months pregnant not having a room for the baby to sleep in was a little stressful to say the least, and if you live in Calgary you know how little options you have for living situations.  With the rental vacancy at less than 1% you really only have two options:  buy, or live with your parents.  Now, don’t get me wrong I love my mom to the moon and back but I couldn’t do that to her, bringing in a baby into her home when she deserves quiet and peace in her own space.  After many, many showings and peeing in each and every house we saw, we finally found one we loved.  It was only on the market for maybe THREE hours when we viewed it but with our past luck of everything in our price range that we liked selling within the same day we knew we had to act fast, so we put an offer on right away.  Waiting to see if we got it was the longest, most nerve wrecking experience BUT we got it and we were over the moon happy because it was the biggest thing we needed to prepare for her to join us.  Once we moved in we were finally able to begin buying the bigger things we put off for the baby, now no one really tells you how many options of EVERYTHING there is for the baby, even just picking out a nightlite you had about 100 different options to choose from.  Not long after we were finally all moved in was when my maternity leave would start, which I was happy about because then I knew I would be able to really get the rooms ready for her to join us, may I tell you though that that did not happen and instead I just slept about 15 hours everyday and ate chips and chicken wings.  Another thing about the third trimester is now people can really tell you are pregnant and not just bloated from the taco bell at lunch, so this gives everyone the idea that they should give you every single piece of advice on what to do, and what not to do for the baby.  It was really, really fucking annoying.  I have found google, google is my bestfriend, if I have a question I just go to google, not someone who hasn’t raised kids in 40 years to lecture me about my decisions and choices.  Moving on, I was about 32 weeks pregnant when I started to get high blood pressure and I was also diagnosed as anemic in this stage.  I wags put on modified bed rest to try and keep the blood pressure down, but every weekly appointment it was still high up.  I eventually was sent to the labor and delivery ward at 33 weeks to get monitored and check the baby.  Oh, the blood tests.  I can’t tell you how many times after I hit 33 weeks I was poked.  My skin tone is palest of the pale but for some reason that didn’t make finding my veins any easier so I was one of those poor bastards who had to get blood taken from the top of my hand, every. single. time.  My first evaluation I had a little protein in my urine but my blood pressure got back to the normal range so I was sent home.  BUT every weekly appointment after that one I was sent off to go get evaluated again at the hospital.  Now by this point I was just getting annoyed because they weren’t doing anything, I was fine and I was always being sent home with nothing more than being short $20 for parking.  Eventually my Doctor finally got sick of me having high blood pressure and so she decided to set an induction date because my levels were fine, I was already 3-4 cm dilated and baby was head down.  So my induction date was scheduled for June 14th, 2014.



Is that positive a negative..?

It really didn’t take long to find out I was pregnant, I almost had just a gut feeling I was two weeks before I would even have a late period.  Infact when we were in Montana I thought it was amazing how cheap you could get pregnancy tests down there so I ended up just buying some for all those times I like to freak out and think I am pregnant when I am not, but instead just eating chocolate and chips all day because I am fat.  Not pregnant.  Just hungry.  So, anyways when we got back from Montana I just randomly decided to try out one of those pregnancy tests, and what did I see?  TWO lines, yup two.  One was very, very faint but there was definitely a second line.  I immediately ran to Scott and told him, freaking my little heart out.  I convinced him that we needed to find a 24 hour shoppers and get the most expensive pregnancy test because hey, why would that test lie to me.  So we get the digital one that tells you how far along you are and a big bottle of water.  We rush home and as soon as we get home I am forcing my bladder to release enough urine to give me some solid answers.  Of course, just like the $1.00 test said, I was pregnant, this test said about 2-3 weeks.  In shock, Scott didn’t believe me.  Of course this was not planned, I had been on birth control (nuva-ring) for quite sometime but I guess babies like to come when they want, so after thinking out our options very, very carefully we decided we would bring this darling girl into the world even though we were absolutely terrified and not sure if we were making a mistake by going with this decision..  We made our public announcement to our social media world beginning of December, once we were out of the dreaded 3 month zone.



It started with a kiss..

I constantly get asked if I remember the ‘time’ that created Olivia.  Amazingly I do, it happened to be a weekend we were supposed to have been in beautiful Mexico.  Unfortunately due to me failing at life and being too scared to fly that didn’t happen.  Hey, just to be clear here I have flown many times before but this plane was terrifyingly tiny and I just knew I would die if I went on it.  (the plane landed and everyone survived okay, but it wouldn’t have if I went on.. i like to tell myself that) So we left the airport and suffered the $2500 loss.  Having a week off we decided to take the safer option to salvage our vacation so we decided on a road trip to the states.  Montana is the closest to us and it would also be my very first time visiting the states.  Well, and that’s how a kiss ended up with this gorgeous made in America baby!