Formula is not the devil..

When I first got pregnant I automatically assumed I would be breastfeeding.  It’s a great way to save money and all you ever hear is how the breast is the best.  I had a pump ready, I had breast pads, I have everything to prepare me for breastfeeding.  Unfortunately due to my delivery and the blood loss mixed in with previous anemia, my supply just didn’t come and so I had to resort to formula feeding.  I never really thought twice about the first time she got formula, which was when she was only 24 hours old.  My milk had not come in, I wasn’t getting anything from expressing and she was jaundice.  My baby was sick, and needed to start peeing & pooping immediately to try and get her jaundice levels down.  Of course I went with formula in the hospital, I wasn’t going to just tell them to hold off on it for my own selfish reasons.  She needed it, I needed it, and I don’t regret it.  I still continued to try and pump the 5 days we were in the hospital while she was under the lights but it just wasn’t happening.  When we got released the nurses were nice enough to give us enough formula and a few bottles to last us the night until we could get to walmart the following day.  Ever since then it has been formula.  She gains great on it, she likes it, and I know exactly how much she’s getting during every feed.  Unfortunately there is just a negative stigma towards formula that it’s really hard to be able to relate to other moms.  So many of them whether they know you or not, will silently judge you when you whip out the bottle to feed your crying baby.  They don’t even know if it’s formula or breastmilk but they just assume, and they think you are giving them devil juice.  I have had a few buddies from my due date groups who have had to give up breastfeeding and switch to formula and they are almost scared to even talk about it, because there are some scary ass moms out there who are just waiting to lecture you on how much better breastmilk is. The whole breastfeeding vs formula argument is almost getting as bad as the whole circumcision argument, or better yet the vaccination argument.  In the end I want my future mommy friends to know that if you end up not being able to breastfeed or you have to give up later on, DO NOT FEEL BAD, you tried and that’s all that matters.  



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