wait what?

There is lots of things about being pregnant and having a newborn that they don’t tell you.

Here are some of the things you are in store for.


•The 6 week post baby period.  Its very, very common to bleed this long after birth.

•The stinging when you pee. The amount of time I spent holding in my bladder to avoid that horrible sensation is incredible, especially if you have stitches that you have to keep moist after while they heal…

•How excited you will be for your first poop.

•How sweaty you will be. The night sweats are the worst. Many nights you’ll wake up and wonder if your water broke, you peed, or if its just sweat.

•The mucus plug you lose before giving birth is the most disgusting thing. It looks like a gigantic booger.

•Throughout my entire pregnancy I thought it was the pushing part that would hurt. Its not.  Its the moment that head crowns and you get that burning ring of fire sensation.. Good news though is that its almost over at that point.

•Epidurals don’t make you immune to the pain. You still feel the pressure and know when you’re having a contraction. It just numbs you!

•If you have a girl you really learn how many creases there are when you’re cleaning poop from her vagina.

•The smell… You will learn to be amazed that a 7 pound adorable baby can produce so much poop with such a strong smell. It will impress dad.

•When they spit up it can be terrifying when it comes out of their nose. Lean them forward and “burp” to assist them.

•Baby blues.. This is when you’re feeling depressed after birth. You are not the only one who feels like this nor does it make you a bad mom. Especially being a first time mom it is soooo overwhelming and there is really nothing that can prepare you for motherhood! It does get better but if 6 weeks later you’re still feeling down don’t be embarrassed to speak with your doctor.

•You will get hairy. Some ladies will out their boyfriends treasure trail to shame. You can shave your armpits in the morning and by lunch time there’s a 5 o’clock shadow. Good news your hair on your head will grow fast too though.

•The best (worst) thing about being pregnant or a new mom is that everyone thinks that means you want to hear their opinions on child raising.


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