It started with a kiss..

I constantly get asked if I remember the ‘time’ that created Olivia.  Amazingly I do, it happened to be a weekend we were supposed to have been in beautiful Mexico.  Unfortunately due to me failing at life and being too scared to fly that didn’t happen.  Hey, just to be clear here I have flown many times before but this plane was terrifyingly tiny and I just knew I would die if I went on it.  (the plane landed and everyone survived okay, but it wouldn’t have if I went on.. i like to tell myself that) So we left the airport and suffered the $2500 loss.  Having a week off we decided to take the safer option to salvage our vacation so we decided on a road trip to the states.  Montana is the closest to us and it would also be my very first time visiting the states.  Well, and that’s how a kiss ended up with this gorgeous made in America baby!



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