Is that positive a negative..?

It really didn’t take long to find out I was pregnant, I almost had just a gut feeling I was two weeks before I would even have a late period.  Infact when we were in Montana I thought it was amazing how cheap you could get pregnancy tests down there so I ended up just buying some for all those times I like to freak out and think I am pregnant when I am not, but instead just eating chocolate and chips all day because I am fat.  Not pregnant.  Just hungry.  So, anyways when we got back from Montana I just randomly decided to try out one of those pregnancy tests, and what did I see?  TWO lines, yup two.  One was very, very faint but there was definitely a second line.  I immediately ran to Scott and told him, freaking my little heart out.  I convinced him that we needed to find a 24 hour shoppers and get the most expensive pregnancy test because hey, why would that test lie to me.  So we get the digital one that tells you how far along you are and a big bottle of water.  We rush home and as soon as we get home I am forcing my bladder to release enough urine to give me some solid answers.  Of course, just like the $1.00 test said, I was pregnant, this test said about 2-3 weeks.  In shock, Scott didn’t believe me.  Of course this was not planned, I had been on birth control (nuva-ring) for quite sometime but I guess babies like to come when they want, so after thinking out our options very, very carefully we decided we would bring this darling girl into the world even though we were absolutely terrified and not sure if we were making a mistake by going with this decision..  We made our public announcement to our social media world beginning of December, once we were out of the dreaded 3 month zone.



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